WHO insists on using AstraZeneca vaccine, says no cause for alarm

After several European countries suspended vaccination of of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine over blood clot fears, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has insisted on its continuous use.

Margaret Harris, the WHO spokeswoman, stated this on Friday while speaking to reporters at a briefing in Geneva.

Harris made it clear that there is no reason to stop using the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine because WHO has reviewed the data on deaths.

Some countries like Romania, Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Italy have postponed or limited the rollout of AstraZeneca vaccines following isolated reports of recipients developing blood clots.

According to Harris, “AstraZeneca is an excellent vaccine, as are the other vaccines that are being used.

“We have reviewed the data on deaths. There has been no death, to date, proven to have been caused by vaccination.”

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Harris added, “Yes, we should continue using the AstraZeneca vaccine. Any safety signal must be investigated.

“We must always ensure that we look for any safety signals when we roll out vaccines, and we must review them.

“But there is no indication to not use it.”

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