Voices from successful married couples: Part 4


QUESTION:  For how long have you been married?

HUSBAND: We have been married for close to 10 years. In fact in the next few weeks we shall be organizing our 10 years anniversary celebration, which hopefully will run for one week. A lot of people will be invited to make it look very grand.

QUESTION:  How did you meet?

HUSBAND: Our meeting was an interesting one. One of her relations had an office close to where l was working, so once in a while she was visiting the relation. What l did then was to use the opportunity of her visits to study her, because l had already developed interest in her. When l became satisfied with what l saw in her, l made the bold move to approach her. On meeting her l expressed my feelings to her and my intention too, which she accepted after giving me some time. Then one thing led to the other and we are now happily married.

QUESTION:  What do you actually like in her?

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HUSBAND: In fact, she is a very patient person. Initially she was not like that, but with time she developed the attitude.

QUESTION:  What don’t you like in her?

HUSBAND:  Sometimes she exhibits a bit of stubbornness, which she does by way of argument, even when it is not necessary. I am coping with that now. I also believe she would change in the same way she changed when she was not patient, but with time has become an almost perfect patient person.

QUESTION:  What about your In-laws?

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HUSBAND: They are very good and supportive to us. Her brothers and sisters from the various places they stay, still send us gifts.

QUESTION:  What attracted you to her?

HUSBAND: The most important thing that attracted her to me initially was her beauty and height. I have a lot of admiration for tall ladies and l said to myself l must get one for marriage and what l said came to pass and l am now married to one among the tall ladies.

QUESTION: Madam what attracted him to you?

WIFE: He is such an intelligent person, when you watch him speak or advice some body, you will immediately know he is such a genius. That expert advice part of him has been helping me a lot. In fact, l see him more as a teacher to me and l love him for that.

QUESTION:  What don’t you like in him?

WIFE:  When something happens in a way he does not like, he usually gets worried even when that thing does not concern him directly. He tends to be too considerate for things I feel he should not bother himself about. In as much as l do not want him to be selfish, because that is the way people may look at what l am saying, but he should not be more catholic than the pope, so that he can live long for me. I do not want him to be worried in such a way it may affect his health. That is why l would always prefer him to take things easy.

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QUESTION:  What more do you like in him?

WIFE:  With the exception of cooking, he does every other thing a woman can do in the house; he washes cloths, he sweeps the house, he dresses the children for school and many other domestic activities. Once he has the time, he can never fail to do these things. Also he finds it difficult sending somebody to do things for him. He will always say that the time he would use to talk to the person to do that thing, he can save that energy to do it himself and to his satisfaction. Sometimes l even beg him to leave some of those domestic things for the rest of us in the house, but he wouldn’t listen. My husband is a real inspiration to me and I love him for that.

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