Voices from successful married couples: Part 3


QUESTION: How did you meet the first time?

HUSBAND:  I met her in the church and when l spoke to her she accepted. But we delayed our marriage due to one reason or the other.

QUESTION:  What do you like in her?

HUSBAND:  She is very intelligent, smart and knows a bit about so many things and l love her for this for years now; she cuts my hair and my son’s hair. She knows too many things, and if you have a headache or something else, she knows exactly what to do. She is a wonderful woman, there aren’t too many like her.

QUESTION: What don’t you like in her?

HUSBAND:  I told her don’t argue with me, when l say something and she argues, I don’t like it. Apart from that, we do not have any problem and as for the argument thing, it has become manageable for me.

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QUESTION:  How was the attitude of your parent towards your marrying her?

HUSBAND: Actually we came from different tribes and initially my parent was against the marriage, wondering how l could go and marry a lady from another tribe. But l told them it’s not their choice and that l did not need their permission, because a man shall leave his mother and father. They did everything to win me over but l told them l could not sacrifice my wife for them. I was very blunt in telling them that if they don’t like the woman l married, they should keep away. In fact it was after many years that they had to accept her.

QUESTION:  What about our In-laws?

HUSBAND: They were very different from my parents. They are wonderful people and have been very supportive.

QUESTION: Madam what attracted him to you?

WIFE: .First of all, he is a nice looking man, mere looking at him, any lady would want to associate with him. At a closer look, l realized that he is a man with a bright future and with viable dreams. Besides, he is friendly and in him l saw exactly what l heard him say and practiced. I saw him as one who has the qualities l needed in a man.

QUESTION:  What do you like in him?

WIFE:  He is just a nice guy and this is what a lady desires in a man. He does a lot of things for me that most men won’t do for their wives. Whenever l return from the market, he does not just sit there and shout, “why is my food not ready”. Most times, he goes with me to the market and helps with little things, while I do the cooking. Most times he would soak my legs in warm water and massage them. He knows I am a hardworking woman who gets up very early. So, whenever he notices that by 5.00 am l am not out of bed, he does what he can and gets the kids ready for school. He is wonderful. He washes, my clothes, l don’t wash his, but he knows that l am not lazy.

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QUESTION: What was your parents’ reaction to your marrying him?

WIFE: They simply asked if l am sure this is the person l wanted to marry and l said yes. Then they said that l should take a good look because they were not going to live with me. For my sisters, when l told them the type of work he was doing. They said, what he was doing was not enough to feed the family as far as they were concerned and they went further to say that it would not be good for me to get married and still be coming back for them to be helping me. Then they asked me, “are you sure he would take care of you”? I said yes, so they said well, if you love him, we will love him along with you.

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