Trump’s lawyers berate Democrats, accusing them of hatred against him

The impeachment lawyers Trump have accused Democrats of waging a campaign of “hatred” against the former president as they go through their defense of his actions and fiery words before the January 6 invasion of the Capitol

The Lawyers made it clear that on Friday that Trump never incited the deadly riot and said his encouragement of followers to “fight like hell” at a rally that preceded it was routine political speech. 

They demonstrated their defence with dozens of out-of-context clips showing Democrats, some of them senators now serving as jurors, also telling supporters to “fight,” aiming to establish a parallel with Trump’s overheated rhetoric.

“This is ordinarily political rhetoric that is virtually indistinguishable from the language that has been used by people across the political spectrum for hundreds of years,” declared Trump lawyer Michael van der Veen. “Countless politicians have spoken of fighting for our principles.”

Unfortunately, the presentation blurred the difference between general encouragement to battle for causes and Trump’s fight against officially accepted national election results. 

Trump, who had already lost the election, was telling his supporters to fight on after every state had verified its results, after the Electoral College had affirmed them and after nearly every election lawsuit filed by Trump and his allies had been rejected in court. 

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As things stand now, the case is moving toward a vote and likely acquittal, with the Senate evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans and a two-thirds majority required for conviction. Trump’s lawyers made an abbreviated presentation that used less than three of their allotted 16 hours.

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