Trump makes public $200m funding for coronavirus vaccine distribution

Donald Trump, the United States President on Thursday announced that his administration is “awarding $200 million of CARES Act funding to all 50 states to prepare to distribute the vaccine to high-risk residents”.

“We also continue to accelerate life-saving therapies,” Donald Trump said while addressing a press conference on Thursday.

While commending America’s efforts in combating the novel coronavirus pandemic, Donald Trump said: “We are witnessing the fastest economic recovery in American history.”

The President’s statement comes hours after Johnson & Johnson announced the start of the final 60,000 person trial of a single-shot COVID-19 vaccine that potentially would simplify the distribution of millions of doses compared with leading rivals using two doses.

According to Trump, “Johnson & Johnson have announced that their vaccine candidate has reached the final stage of clinical trials. This is the fourth candidate in the US who reached the final stage of trials. We encourage Americans to enrol in vaccine trials; it’ll be a terrific thing for our country.

“Our approach is pro-science, [Joe] Biden’s approach is anti-science. I don’t know what their approach is, although a lot of it is copied from what we have done”.

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Trump while further targeting his rival in the upcoming US elections and Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden, said: “Biden opposed China and Europe travel ban and strategies that they have was just never-ending lockdowns. We are not locking down. We are actually growing at the rate that we have never experienced before…Our plan will crush the virus, Biden’s plan will crush America.”

Continuing in his reaction, he said: “Early research shows only a small degree of Covid-19 spread among students returning to school. Brown University conducted a study of more than 550 schools across 46 states. They found that only .076 per cent of students and only .15 per cent of teachers had confirmed cases”.

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