Tragedy hit France as 2 small aircraft collide in Paris, no reports of survivors

An ultra-light airplane collided with another small plane on Saturday in Paris of France, killing at least five people. While two people died in the ultra-light plane, three lost their lives in the other plane in the collision.

As at the time of filling this report, there were no reports of survivors in the aircraft collision, which occurred in the skies above Loches.

According toNadia Seghier, who is the head of the prefecture, the state authority of the Indre-et-Loire region, the ultra-light plane fell into an uninhabited area without injuring people on the ground.

Firefighters numbering about 50, including 30 gendarmes and aviation specialists were rushed to the collision site, the radio station was quoted as saying by news agency AP.

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Meanwhile, the cause of the aircraft collision in Paris was not immediately known. An investigation has been initiated.

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