The negative effect when you take your father’s wife

A young man by name Johnson moved to the United States with his wife after he had won an American visa lottery in 2009. 

Things later became very good for him as he secured a well paid job in Tennessee while his wife also got a good job as a Nurse.

Along the line, four years later, God blessed them with a baby and they quickly arranged a visa for Johnson’s mother to come to America for babysitting. 

Amazingly, the baby is Eight years old now and the babysitter is not yet back to her husband.

Johnson’s father was forced by circumstances to marry a 32-year-old lady after waiting endlessly for her wife to return from US. The poor man became a polygamist, ready to rear another set of children from his new wife in his 60’s.

The frustrated man said in an angry tone and I quote “sending my wife to US for babysitting is a grave mistake I will never forget; the decision took a downturn on my life. I will never forgive my son, Johnson for taking my wife from me while he enjoy his”

As a matter of fact, there are many dads suffering like Johnson’s father; all in the name of traveling for babysitting.

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This has severally resulted in fathers becoming bachelors who eat outside or forced to marry or date another woman. 

Some of them sleep around just because, the absence of their wife set a big vacuum and emptiness into their lives.

This should be a lesson to many people, before you invite your mother for babysitting, think about her husband. It is a sin against God and mankind if you separate what God had joined together.

Remember that your mum was your dad’s wife before you were even born, she was all your dad had before you. 

Therefore you should be a home builder and not a destroyer. Remember that one day, it shall be your turn to step into that grandpa shoes; what goes around will then come around.

Stop taking another man’s wife all in the name of babysitting, as soon as your wife is strong enough to take care of the baby, return your mum back to her husband. You can’t deprive your dad of the pleasure of togetherness while you enjoy yours, life doesn’t go like that.

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Honestly, this article could seem controversial and unpopular to many who may be planning to do the same thing by inviting their mothers to a foreign land to spend a long time without consideration to their fathers.

It is really unfortunate, but believe me, this is one of the leading pain some fathers go through.

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