The massive crowd at TB Joshua’s much awaited living water service

The Synagogue Church of all Nations led by the renowned Prophet TB Joshua has finally held its much Publicized living water service.

The ceremony which was held on Friday at the church’s premises at Ikotun Lagos, was attended by an unprecedented massive crowd, comprising of many people who came from different parts of the world.

The multi racial and all denominational event was witnessed by who were on hand to cover the well attended occasion.

As early as 2am on the day, much of the crowd had already arrived and taken over positions at the surrounding areas of the church. For instance about four different queues formed at the entrance of the church, each stretched up to two kilometers, which made it very difficult for security personnel and ushers to control what many described as massive gathering of human beings.

The ceremony started at about 9.30am, with a rendition of various meditational songs from the SCOAN  choristers. It took close to one hour of continuous singing and dancing before the arrival of Prophet TB Joshua, who came into the church amidst cheering and shouting from the excited congregation.

Joshua in his initial speech praised the people in their determination to come and worship God, he also felt very sorry for the massive crowd still outside after the main arena had been filled up.

His sermon on the day centered on forgiveness. He made it clear that only those who have a forgiven mind and do not have hatred of any kind against anyone would benefit from the living water miracles.

As soon as he concluded his sermon, he advised the people with the help of ushers to follow the steps in getting the living water which was situated at the upper side of the Altar.

There were amazing miracles that followed afterward, many of the people who could not walk in the past, started moving about without their wheelchairs and crutches.

One of the remarkable miracles that really confounded the people was that of a woman from the United kingdom. She was moving about with a wheelchair and an oxygen cylinder. According to her she could not breathe without the oxygen which was permanently connected to her nose. 

But to the surprise of many, after she was taken to the prayer mountain at the SCOAN alter, she was immediately healed, with the breathing tube to her nose removed as she breathed freely thereafter. she also walked on her own without the aid of the wheelchair.

The clapping and deafening noise that followed the miracle was really unprecedented.

The highlights of the living water service was the continuous flow of people to collect the water at the altar area, those outside were also part of it all.

As at the time of filling this report at about 11pm, the crowd running into thousands were still continuously coming into the Church to collect their own share of the living water.

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