Thailand cave where boys’ football team were trapped for weeks, reopens to the public

The Asian country, Thailand has finally opened the cave popularly called Tham Laung to the public. This is after the removal of all the equipment used in the last year’s spectacular rescue of 12 boys and their soccer coach trapped underground for many weeks.

Crowd of people gathered on Saturday to have a view of the cave where the young boys belonging to the Wild Boar Academy soccer team was rescued in July 2018 by professionals from different countries. The huge number of people who attended the opening day ceremony created so much traffic, which made those in charge to allow up to around 30 people to enter at a time.

A 75 year-old man, Duangporn Sookawong, who came from a distance area of southern Songkhla province, made the disclosure that she believed that what happened during the rescue was a miracle, stating that the boys were lucky that they were able to survive despite being stuck in the dark, complex network of caves for almost three weeks.

It could be recalled that the Wild Boars Academy’s coach Ekapol Chanthawong and 12 of his boys had gone to explore the Tham Luang caves in Chiang Rai province on June 23, 2018, but unfortunately a rainy-season downpour flooded the cave system and trapped them underground.

The boys and their coach surprisingly survived for nine days on water dripping from rocks before they were discovered. An international effort to rescue them ended on July 10 when they were all brought out safely, to the relief of millions of people in Thailand and around the world who had been gripped by their fate.

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