System abuse causes Nigerian embassy shut down in Canada

The embassy of Nigeria in Ottawa, Canada has been closed down.                            

In a statement, which was posted on the High Commission’s website on Wednesday, made the disclosure that the High Commission will be shut down to its activities indefinitely.

Explaining further, the High Commission said it decided to shut down the embassy because some Nigerians were abusing a system it set up to attend to those with emergency passport issues due to COVID-19 protocols.

As a result of that, it would no longer attend to any cases anymore.

“The High Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in Canada wishes to inform Nigerian communities in Canada and the general public that the mission remains closed to the public,” it said.

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The Commission said that the Special Intervention system was set up to help Nigerians who had compelling passport renewal issues.

“Our citizens for some reason chose to abuse this system, they would show up at the chancery without an appointment and insist on being attended to even on days when we were not open to the public at all,” the commission, however, said.

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