Southeast group praises Buhari, saying he has done well for Ndigbo

South East Supports Groups (SESG), which is a socio-political group, has made it clearly known that the developmental gains so far achieved by President Muhammadu Buhari-led federal government particularly in South East zone, has surpassed that of any other past administration since the beginning of democratic government in Nigeria.

The SESG stated that the president has demonstrated his love for the region by appointing Ndigbo sons and daughters into prominent federal positions.

It further asked all the sons and daughters of the Igbo speaking region to support the President and the Nigerian Army for numerous roles they had played for the security, peace and development of South East geopolitical zone.

This position of the group was articulated in a statement signed by its National President, Emmanuel Ojukwu, and made available to the press within the week.

This reaction of the group is coming on the heels of the notions in many quarters in South East geopolitical zone of Nigeria over alleged marginalization of the region in provision of infrastructural amenities by President Buhari-led current federal government.

The Igbo organization asserted that the Southeast region are most focal beneficiaries of the novel initiatives of the Nigerian Army on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects in water, roads, and free health services.

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The socio-political group also disclosed that the Nigerian Army under Lt. General Tukur Bauratai, has marketed itself as not just one of the most visible presence of the Federal Government in the Southeast, but had through its numerous Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and projects, assisted tremendously in scaling up development in the South East region.

According to the group, “It is a known fact to each one of us that no race or people bicker with their neighbours forever. In the past decades, we have been antagonistic, hostile, and opposed other tribes of Nigeria to assert or loud what we deemed as marginalization and injustice to the Southeast region.

“Let truth be told boldly, Nigeria’s political system and its reward mechanism subscribes unwittingly to the patronage of regions or zones or people who have actively supported a leader during the electoral process or at the point of enthronement of a leader. We have lived with this culture for ages.

“Igbo nation has no choice than to embrace a leader with a good heart like President Buhari who has consistently shown to us friendship and true love as an unbiased leader. He has demonstrated to us that a true leader has no enemies or foes, but serves everyone without discrimination.”

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