Ronaldo’s thrown away captain armband auctioned to save sick child

The Portugal superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo, armband thrown on the ground during his country’s 2-2 draw with Serbia on Saturday has been put up for auction to save a sick child in Serbia.

Recall that the Juventus superstar angrily threw his armband to the ground after the match officials refused his last-minute goal against Serbia.

Ronaldo’s disallowed goal left the match at 2-2 draw and one point each to both sides instead of all three for Portugal.

The armband has now generated a lot of hope for the survival of the dying child after a stadium worker picked it and gave it to a children’s home to raise money, according to the Telegraf.

The stadium worker was said to have picked up the armband from the ground and donated it to a children’s organisation, which was seeking funds for a six-month-old Serbian child with spinal muscular atrophy.

The child needs €2.5 million for the operation and treatment.

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The children’s charity has now put the bracelet up for auction.

According to the newspaper, the armband has already become a national record in regards to sporting equipment in the first few hours of it going up for auction.

The Telegraf added that the armband reaching its €2.5 million target, appears not to be a problem.

Recall that UEFA has finally made an explanation on why Ronaldo’s goal against Serbia was not given.

The European football governing body said Ronaldo’s goal would have stood if the two football associations had agreed before the game to use goal-line technology.

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