Spend time together

Spending time together is another way of consummating a successful marriage. Take time out to visit interesting places together, such as; sporting venues, supermarket, beach, club, gym, movie theatre etc. These places will provide you another avenue to enjoy your love life. As you move together, hold hands, talk together and do many other things together while visiting these places, the intimacy level between the two of you will be improving every day.

Even at home you can stay together to watch some interesting television programmes. You may have a particular programme that both of you enjoy watching. You can also be eating together, praying together, exercising together and most importantly sleeping together in the same room. It is wrong for a husband and wife to be sleeping in different rooms. In fact there should be no separation of rooms for any reason.

Show appreciation

Cultivate the habit of showing appreciation to your partner. For instance, when a partner does anything, no matter how simple you may think it is, try to express appreciative words. Whatever it is, such as; cleaning the house, washing cloth, washing house utensils, cooking food, buying things for the house etc. You can use appreciative words like; ‘thank you very much’, ‘you have done great’, ‘I really appreciate your efforts’, ‘keep it up’, etc.            

When your partner does some other things that could come in form of achievement or a day of celebration such as; Christmas day, Easter day, Birthday, Valentine day, you can wish him or her; congrats, happy Christmas, happy Easter etc. Praise him or her when it is necessary.

Be sensitive

Do not be like the ‘I don’t care’ type of person who is not moved by anything. You must show understanding at all times. For instance, if any misfortune befalls your partner, you must show concern, you must be sorry; you must come to his or her assistance.   

Be careful to avoid those things he or she does not like. If your partner for instance is always irritated by smoking, try to understand and keep away, when you want to smoke, especially if you are the smoking type.

Make Sacrifices

An example of making sacrifices is as narrated above that is if for example you are the smoking type who cannot do without smoking, and your partner is the type who is always irritated by that habit. The sacrifice you make in this case is to avoid smoking in his or her presence. You really just have to inconvenience yourself because of the love you have for your partner.     

Some other sacrifices you can make, is by going the extra mile to satisfy him or her. Take for instance, your partner wakes you in the middle of the night to escort him or her outside to collect an important thing, possibly because of the fear of the unknown. At that point, you may be very tired and sleepy, but that is not enough for you not to go. You could see that it is a difficult situation, but you must make that sacrifice to move. This is what is called the test of your love and it really helps to build your relationship stronger.

AMBROSE NWAOPARA  the writer is an author and a renowned life coach


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