A lot of factors can lead to a very successful marriage, which of course attract a lot of happiness to the relationship. Some of the factors are outlined below:

Being courteous

There should always be some good manners in the way you do things. For instance, when you want to give something to the other, you don’t just throw it. You simply pass it gently, possibly by holding it with your two hands. You have to show patience when handing over such a thing to avoid creating a negative impression. There is always friction in any family where courtesy is not practiced.

Always dress well

Some women when they get married do not care any longer about their dressing. Thereby pushing their husbands in a situation where they look out for better-dressed ladies. Some married women have the wrong idea that dressing is only meant for those girls who are looking for men and not for them who are married. This is very wrong; even if you are at home, you should be decently dressed, always take your bath and keep yourself clean. Make sure you do not have any body odor. You can buy the simple powder or perfume, which you can afford, if you cannot be able to buy the expensive ones. This secret can keep your man at home, because if you have an unattractive smelling body, unkempt hair etc, you may make your husband to always stay away from home. Keep your hair clean, braid or wash it at the saloon regularly, dress neatly and attractively. A lot of change will come between you and your husband.

Be polite when talking

When you are talking, don’t talk harshly, use a cordial voice. If you are a boss in your office, don’t use the same voice you use to control your staff in the office for your spouse. Remember the home is not the same as the office environment. Once you step into your home, there should be an automatic attitudinal change to reflect your presence at home.          

Sometimes, a number of people make the mistake of thinking that the only way they could show that they are in control in their various homes, is by always shouting when they are talking. This is wrong, because it could bring fear in the house, which does not go down well for a successful marriage.      

Always exhibit caution and respect when you are speaking to your spouse.

Be polite in words

The same way you should show politeness when you talk to your partner, you should also show politeness in words. That means, you should show politeness by the type of words you use. For instance, when you are talking to your partner, may be you need something to be brought to you, you can put it in this way; please could you bring the spoon to me? Excuse me can I have the plate? Sorry can I have those things? Etc. The words used here such as; ‘please’, ‘excuse me’ and ‘sorry’ are polite words, which show cordiality, love and respect. This type of words can move your partner to do anything for you even if he or she is very tired. But when you use foul words such as; “You fool get me those things”, definitely the type of response you get might equally not be favorable to you and before you know it, problems will start.

AMBROSE NWAOPARA  the writer is an author and a renowned life coach


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