Reasons some mothers tend to hate their sons wives: Part 1

There are certain reason why some mother in-laws tend to hate their daughters in-laws and some of the reasons are outlined below;


Some of these mother in-laws do not like seeing their daughter’s in-laws staying in their son’s house. This is usually out of envy or jealousy, as they often wrongly think that their position has been taken over by the wives of their sons. In fact, they regard these wives as their rivalry.

Take this story for instance, when a mother in-law of this woman by name Cerah visited them from home, Cerah treated her very well and even gave her many things, which she took back home. But surprisingly Cerah’s husband was summoned home after three weeks his mother left for home. When he got home his father complained that he was not sending money to them again as he used to do, when he was not married and that they had come to know why after his mother’s visit. The father surprisingly presented to him a big cow meat bone, which the mother secretly took away and brought home. The father showed him that big bone that his mother was served food by his wife when she visited them. The father told him how somebody eating meat with such a big bone would remember his parents in the village. He therefore blamed Cerah for being extravagant. The surprising thing about this story is that the mother did not complain of the meat being too big when she was served. She simply ate the meat and took the bone to her husband at home. Is this not wonderful and funny? This is the kind of unnecessary things the mother in-laws do sometimes which are really uncalled for. You may find it difficult to believe it if it has not happened to you before, but it really happens every day in many ways and in many places, which is really unbelievable.

It Could Be Because Of The Daughter In-Laws’ Attitude

It is really unfortunate, but some wives are extremely bad. The ways they behave actually force their mother in-laws to hate them. Some of these wives are very lazy, unnecessarily proud, dirty, envious, stubborn and unfaithful. Really there is no way your mother in-law could like you if you are someone who behaves badly. In these types of situations people blame the wife instead of the mother in-laws.

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For instance, some wives look down on their mother in-laws, because they may be illiterates. That is very wrong; they should be treated with dignity. If you do not treat his son well she would not like you. If you are unfaithful to his son, she will see you as an enemy, for she will always like to protect his son. So try to be careful the way you behave.

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