Reactions continue to trail Prophet TB Joshua’s peace meeting in South Sudan

Prophet TB Joshua’s recently ended his peace meeting visit to South Sudan, which came after several appeals to him from both leaders and people of the country led by the country’s president, Salva Kiir Mayardit, to assist in bringing peace to the crisis-ridden young nation, has continued to elicit reactions from various citizens of the country.

Some of the top South Sudanese government officials see the visit by the prophet as the beginning of good things to come to their country. For instance, in his assessment of the visit by the cleric, the Deputy Speaker of the State of Juba Senate, Arthur Akwein, described the address of the prophet as a “great message to our country and it has brought to us a lot of hope for peace in our country. He has given us a very encouraging word that by the end of this year, we will see peace in our country.”

In his reaction also, the chairman of the South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation, Professor William HaiZaza, said, “Prophet Joshua’s message is pregnant. He made it clear that it is time to put aside our differences and then to agree to work together in bringing South Sudan to a good position in the world.”

While the chairperson of the women’s block of South Sudan, Amir Meniok De, expressed great joy on the visit of the Prophet to the country. According to her, “We are happy, grateful and humble that the man of God came. November 12, 2019, is the day that the government of South Sudan was to be formed. Our people are scattered all over the world. The man of God has said that this country can be developed within three years. We have lost enough”.

Also a member of parliament in the current transition national legislative assembly for South Sudan, Butrus Magaya, in his reaction said, “We are very grateful indeed for the delivery of the prophetic message. His message was precise and touching. It was a message from God. It is time to end the suffering, conflict, confusion, disagreement to move the country forward.”

A Muslim leader, Abdullah Rwal, who is the Secretary-General of the Islamic Society in South Sudan, stated “His visit to us in South Sudan is very important because we the religious people like Christians and Muslims together are praying for the country and we see the prophet is here to help us have peace and coexist in love in the country.”

On the other hand, before the departure of Prophet Joshua after the one-day visit to South Sudan, he appealed to the nation and the global public not to be disappointed at the short nature of his visit to the country. According to him, “I know that many citizens and residents of South Sudan would have wanted me to spend a few more days with them. Indeed, I saw thousands of people waiting at the lobby of the hotel because they thought I would stay for longer.

However, I had received an instruction from God to leave immediately, without waiting for any ‘thank you’ whatsoever, whether in cash or kind. The same God Almighty had sent me there, to pray for South Sudan and lead the nation to a new beginning. Who am I, then, to disobey the voice of my Master, my Creator, the One who gives life to us all? On this note, therefore, I would like to urge all expectant South Sudanese and other nationals to please understand that I had to obey the voice of God. No doubt, there is a need for a revival crusade in South Sudan. As such, I await divine directions for another visit soon, for the harvest, is on the way.”

As he stepped out to leave the troubled nation, everyone seemed satisfied, but wished he return as quick as possible for a revival crusade to sanitize the country and its people.


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