President Xi Jinping of China reveals his country’s COVID-19 performance

Xi Jinping , the Chinese President has said on Tuesday that his country acted in an open and transparent manner during the coronavirus outbreak and that it also made concrete efforts that was central to saving of tens of millions of lives around the world during the pandemic.

The Chinese President, spoke at a ceremony in which it honoured role models during the country’s fight against the disease.

Xi while speaking further during the event said China is the first major economy to return to growth during the pandemic, a fact he said demonstrates the country’s strong abilities and vitality.

It could be recalled that reports within the week had revealed that while other parts of the world are still battling with the problems of COVID-19, China where the virus originated has since gone back to normalcy.

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Even, Lockdown is long gone in the country and the people are keen to travel, while domestic flights are already back to 2019 levels.

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