Plane crashes in the South Dakota area of US with death toll at 9

US Authorities have disclosed that a plane crash in South Dakota has resulted in the death of nine people, while some others were injured.

 A spokesman for the National Transportation Safety Board, Mr Peter Knudson informed The Associated Press that a total of 12 people were aboard the Pilatus PC-12 when the accident happened  around 12:30 pm on Saturday, shortly after taking off from Chamberlain, about 140 miles (225.3 kilometers) west of Sioux Falls.

According to Knudson, the number of people that died were nine, with three injured. The crashed plane was a single-engine type on its way to Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Further media information disclosed that Chamberlain and central south-central South Dakota were already under a winter storm warning at the time of the crash.

Knudson has also made it public that the weather during the period of the accident will be among several factors NTSB investigators will review, but no cause has yet been determined.

 Already bad weather is making travel to the site very difficult.

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