Nigeria government denies discrimination in police promotions

The government of Nigeria has made it clear that no part of the country has been discriminated in the promotion of officers of the Nigeria Police Force.

According to the Police Service Commission (PSC), elevation is guided by defined rules and regulations, not ethnic or religious considerations.

The spokesman, Ikechukwu Ani, in a statement on Wednesday said PSC has ensured sanity in the recruitment of qualified Nigerians into the Police and that principle of federal character is now considered alongside merit.

The PSC further advised citizens from all the states to encourage their wards to show interest in all levels of recruitment into the force.

It denied marginalizing some geopolitical zones during the promotion of officers to the Commissioners and Assistant Inspectors-General.

“The Nigeria Police Force is a regimented organization with a tradition and laid down rules and regulations for carrying out its activities.

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“The Commission has never deviated from this tradition except in very rare cases where public interest will be served”, Ani noted.

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