Mike Tyson predicts winner of Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury fight

Mike Tyson, the Former heavyweight boxing champion, has backed Tyson Fury to beat Anthony Joshua when both British boxers clash in a heavyweight title fight.

The Former heavyweight champion believes the speed Fury possesses means he will be able to defeat Joshua and avoid his powerful punches.

Tyson made it clear that if Fury can get away from Deontay Wilder’s fast punches in early 2020, then Joshua might be in trouble.

According to him, “I f***ing love Joshua, but I think Tyson [Fury] is too elusive,” Iron Mike told Haute Living in a chat on Instagram Live on Tuesday.

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“He’s a simple guy, even if it doesn’t seem like that from the outside.

“He’s not going to be able to hit him.

“I like Joshua a lot, and maybe he punches harder than Wilder, but he doesn’t punch faster than Wilder.

“And if he doesn’t punch faster than Wilder, he’s not going to f***ing touch this guy [Fury].

“That’s just what I see. If Tyson Fury can get away from Wilder’s fast punches, Joshua might be in trouble.”

Joshua is expected to fight Fury this summer, after both boxers finally signed off on the first of their two heavyweight blockbusters last week.

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The venue and date for the heavyweight fight are yet to be officially confirmed with Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn recently revealing he has had a mega-money offer from a mystery individual.

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