LaLiga directs Barcelona to reduce its wage bill by £28million

Barcelona have been ordered by LaLiga to reduce their wage bill by £28million, SportsMail reports.

The Catalan club was hit with a sizeable deduction last November, when it dropped by around £250million in the wake of the financial pressures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Javier Tebas, the LaLiga president, claimed at the time that salary cuts were necessary to bring down the “excessive spending”, as supporters are still unable to attend matches.

But LaLiga have now ordered Barcelona to reduce their spending on wages even further.

Barcelona have also been asked to bring their budget down from €380m (£328m) to €347m (£300m), a reduction of nine per cent.

The Spanish giants are in debt of over €1bn (£864m) and player wages accounted for around 61% of the club’s £940m income before the pandemic.

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With no sign of fans returning to stadiums in Spain any time soon, income sources have dried up and now they have been ordered by LaLiga to reduce the wage bill even further.

At the moment, Lionel Messi is the highest earner at the club and he pockets around £500,000 per week (£26m per year) while Antoine Griezmann takes in around £249,000-a-week (£15.3m).

The players agreed to a 70 per cent wage cut back in March 2020 and something similar might be needed again.

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