Knowing The Hindrances To A Successful Marriage: Part 3

Adultery and fornication

Couples should always restrict their romantic attitude within themselves. Adultery and fornication can bring a major break in the family. A man or woman, who leaves his or her matrimonial home to look for pleasure outside, is only seeking for trouble in the marriage. What type of pleasure would somebody be searching outside the home that cannot be found at home, if the understanding among the couple is there. Always try to iron out your differences, so that whatever is the problem could be amicably resolved. When that love truly exist between you and your spouse, you will definitely find it uncomfortable going for any outside pleasure.

Keeping to your man or woman is very necessary because of the risks involved in going after other men or women which are very enormous. For instance, In the area of finance, it will affect you tremendously especially the men, who usually do more of the spending to entice women, this will definitely affect the home front, because the money that could be used in the feeding of your house hold, paying for your children’s school fees, if you have them in school and other home needs will be wasted on other people. In fact, in some cases while your family lack money to do anything, the person you are moving with outside will have it in excess. Some wise ones even use it to open big businesses while your family suffer of lack and may end up bringing division in your family and finally in your marriage.

Another risky aspect of flirting outside is contacting of sexually transmitted diseases and the worst of it all is, contacting HIV/AIDS which may end up sentencing you to death. But it does not only end in one person among the couple contacting it, but the danger of spreading to the other partner who may be the one that is disciplined and does not go out for any outside pleasure.

From the above explanations, you will come to realize that whenever the husband or wife or even both flirts outside, it affects the marriage and the home negatively in many ways. Sometimes, you may think you are only just trying to

have what you may call a harmless short time with another man or woman, but at the end of the day, what you called harmless, could turn out to become a strong ‘arrow’ or ‘knife’ that would be used to destroy the foundation of your once peaceful marriage. So, at any time, couples should always try to be very careful, to avoid those actions that will bring regrets later.  

Abortion in marriage

This is another thing that can cause serious problem in marriage. An abortion committed without the consent of the partner may end up in divorce, because it is a serious offence in marriage and is always very difficult to resolve.       


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