Joe Biden confirms his COVID-19 test, promises regular testing during campaign

The Democratic contender for the United States presidential election, Joe Biden has said on Friday that the coronavirus test has been done on him at least once and promised he will be tested regularly during his general election campaign.

Biden made the comment to reporters during a wide-ranging news conference in which he condemned Trump for downplaying the coronavirus and thus ensuring that it will continue to kill Americans and ravage the economy.

Biden’s advisers deflected many questions about whether the former vice president was being tested himself as he anchored his campaign almost exclusively from his Delaware home, traveling sparingly as a precaution.

Speaking about the test, Biden said, “They’re going to do it on a regular basis”.

He further revealed that the Secret Service agents assigned to protect him and “everyone” else who comes into his home is tested already. Biden said he didn’t know specifically when his next test would be.

“I just, ‘yes, sir,’ show up and put my head back,” Biden said. “I imagine it’ll be sometime this week, but it will be a regular basis.”

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Biden and Trump offer voters a sharp contrast on the pandemic and its economic fallout.

For instance, in the Oval Office on Friday, Trump hailed a new jobs report and repeated his optimism that a COVID-19 vaccine could be available even before the Nov. 3 election.

While some hours later, during a fundraiser, Biden said, “I hope like hell they have a vaccine,” but questioned Trump’s timeline and ability to distribute it. “We’ve got to make sure they’re not just hyping that they actually finish all the testing,” Biden said, adding that Trump’s public questioning of scientists and medical experts will reduce confidence in a vaccine whenever it comes online.

“People don’t trust a damn thing he says,” Biden quipped.

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