Instances of negative manners that affect marriage relationships: Part 1

There are various types of behaviors that are detrimental to the success of any relationship. When certain habits run for sometimes, it will become threatening to a relationship. It is on record that over the years, couples are known to have parted ways, over certain habits that refuse to give way. In spite of the fact that new relationships are being built every day, some couples are known to have done little or nothing to sustain these relationships. As a matter of fact, the wealth of a man could get him the best as well as very beautiful women in the world, but such wealth cannot sustain the relationship, as long as the man’s bad habits continue to hinder the progress of such relationship. In the same way, for a woman, her unchecked bad habits can also destroy the happiness, which her beauty could bring to her.

There is always this talk that beauty can open doors for great men into a woman’s life, but actually, in the affairs of the heart, the most beautiful women are known to have even suffered more heartbreaks than others. It does not matter the wealth or beauty of a woman, the fact is that there is really more to life and happiness than beauty and wealth. There are certain attitudes that can enhance or destroy a relationship and actually that choice to happiness or not, to an extent depends on the two partners involved.

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You can learn from some of the instances giving below, which came from responses by some people; the people responding were asked about the kind of habits threatening their relationship.

Mr. Fabian

“In fact, mine is that my wife is the talkative type, who really talks too much for my liking. She is an industrious person, no doubt about that and she runs her home to the admiration of everybody. But the fact is that many people really do not understand my private anger and pains. This is because I am very uncomfortable the way my wife talks and sometimes that habit makes me go crazy. In fact, in some cases she even tries to control me the way she controls little kids, with her assumption of always thinking that she knows everything better than any other person, including me. Sometimes she also goes to the extent of trying to protect me from everybody, with her belief that I am easily vulnerable and others usually take advantage of me. As a matter of fact, I used to appreciate her concern, but the whole thing is getting too much. Most times she embarrasses me in the presence of people who visit us in the house. Everywhere she will always express her own opinion as that of the rest of the family, even without giving me the chance to express myself or ask me to contribute. This type of thing has led to my cautioning her many times; still she cannot change for the better. This way of doing things has always made me to often feel unhappy. The way she behaves, present me as someone who has no authority in his own home at all. This attitude has really affected the way I feel about her. Some of my friends who have noticed her behavior have asked questions related to some of the incidences, but my wife tends to go crazy against anybody who mentions her behavior to her hearing. It is really very bad that my wife cannot keep quiet sometimes. If she can be keeping quiet, she will be a very nice woman. Several times I have tried to make her to understand the fact that it is not everybody that she should be talking about, but she still seems not to understand, I am really getting tired of the whole relationship”.

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