Important lessons for a better life, think about these points:

The following article reflects a truly life lessons, which everyone is expected to have a deep thought.

There are different types of people who also have their different ways of behaviour, but the question here is where do you belong? Are you the proud type or the arrogant one or the pompous individual or the ‘I don’t care’ type? It does not matter what anyone might think about himself, but always remember the following lessons  for a better life:

To those who shout at people at work and make them feel irrelevant, be Careful you’re just a colleague.

To those who act in church like without them things can’t be done properly, ask Elijah; God has thousands of better servants waiting to step in.

To all who are so pompous and feel the world revolves round them and should be treated with so much respect, let them ask Nebuchadnezzar; he was disgracefully humbled.

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To those who are so disrespectful to constituted authority by virtue of knowledge, experience, status and others, just watch out, you’ll be on the side of authority very soon; expect more than what you’ve done or given because it will always come back to you.

Don’t forget, one day you will leave where you are now, it may be through Death, Retirement, Resignation, Promotion, Transfer, Relocation and any other way. 

And guess what? When this happens:

Work will definitely continue.

Church activities will go ahead

Family like water will find its level.

Persons, friends will adjust well in good time.

That thing you think cannot be done without you will not die or suffer. 

It is like Military barracks, Soldiers go, Soldiers come, Barracks or Military base will remain. They may miss your ideas, But trust me, YOU ARE NOT IRREPLACEABLE.

You may be surprised, but experience has shown that when your type of person leaves the system, that is when greater opportunities open for others.

In fact, they’ll not miss your unpleasant nature but make a mockery of it at their leisure.

At every point in time, do what you can and let others do theirs.

Have it in your mind that you’re not more Special than others; it’s just a Privilege that you’re enjoying.

Always Try To:

Be calm, 

Be submissive 

Be Humble 

Be Reasonable 

Be Accountable 

Be Respectful.

Show Love to others even when they make mistakes.

It is your nature that makes people to remember you, 

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In fact, it is the memory of you that remains with the people.

Bad nature easily overshadows good ones.

Therefore, watch your actions because what we have here is really a small WORLD!

The World we are living is like a Small Garden, always take care of your bit to Glorify God.

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