Group tells Buhari to punish those responsible for Nigeria’s security problems

The spate of countless kidnapping and abduction of students in the North and the country at large have been condemned by the leadership of the Unified Nigerian Youth Forum, UNYF.

The group in their observation noted that education is now under attack in Northern Nigeria, as a result of the new development.

Comrade Abdulsalam Mohammed Kazeem, the President, Unified Nigerian Youth Forum, in a statement, said, “Available records from both local and international organization show the regions mentioned have the highest number of out of school children”.

However, considering recent events, the forum says it would take the region another five decades to fill the vacuum.

The group lamented, “It’s unbelievable to find out that despite our handsome security budget, the current trend of insecurity is threatening our educational system and curriculum.”

The forum has now asked President Buhari not to close his eyes but act brutally against those the administration has indicted to be responsible for the problem.

The forum appealed to the federal government to sanction heads of security agencies in any state or region with a record of mass abductions or kidnapping, which would further prove to co-conspirators that it’s no longer business as usual.

“The body language and direct output of our leaders should change with immediate effect or else with such high rate of daily reports on insecurity, one day one will not be able to visit his or her wards school in a hurry and or even in a dream.”

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“Government at all levels must provide adequate security for our schools and staff quarters like they do for themselves, immediate family members, places of business interest and political associate,” the forum suggested.

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