Governor Uzodinma speaks to Imo people on Easter

The Imo State Governor, Senator Hope Uzodinma has addressed the people of the state in a statewide broadcast to commemorate the Easter.

In his speech which was monitored by AmbrosyMediaInfo on Sunday, the governor asked people in the state to always consider the things they can do to make Imo and Nigeria better.

According to him: “Sacrifice is the pillar of love; therefore as true Christians, you must be prepared to make sacrifices for the good of our neighbor and the larger society.

“We can reciprocate the love of Christ by joining hands in a Christ like form to create a better society.

“Often times we bemoan the situation in our country without looking at the corresponding sacrifices and discomfort required to build a prosperous nation.

“Most times we beat the drums of war, calling for the disintegration of the nation, without recourse to love and compassion.

Speaking further, he said: “Let the lessons of Easter teach us to be more tolerant, more accommodating and more compassionate in our relationship with one another.

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“If you follow the full steps of Christ, who gave his life for our sins, there is no challenge we cannot surmount as a people and as a nation, therefore let this Easter be a time to have faith in Jesus and in our country.

“Let this Ester remind us of love and compassion and let this Easter also be a good time for us to rededicate our lives to the service of others.

“We thank God for keeping us alive to witness this year’s Easter in an atmosphere devoid of fear and uncertainty, which was our lot last year.

“You recall that we could not even make it to our places of worship last year because of the devastating effect of the coronavirus which struck the entire world.

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Governor Uzodinma further called on the people of the state to go for vaccination against coronavirus as it is very safe, using himself, the deputy Governor, Placid Njoku and others as those who have taken it without any negative consequences on them.

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