France, US calls for democratic rule in Chad after Deby’s death

Following the death of President of Chad, Idriss Deby, France has called for a return to civilian rule in the country.

President Emmanuel Macron’s office in a statement said it took note of the creation of an interim military body after Deby’s death but called for a peaceful transition to civilian rule.

Part of statement read: “France lost a brave friend.

“France expresses its strong attachment to Chad’s stability and territorial integrity.

“We took note of the creation of an interim military body, urging a quick return to civilian rule and a peaceful transition.”

In its reaction, the United States in a statement by a White House Spokesperson also offered its “sincere condolences” to the people of Chad on the death of Deby.

“We condemn recent violence and loss of life in Chad.

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“We support a peaceful transition of power in accordance with the Chadian constitution,” the statement read.

Recall that Idriss Deby, died on Tuesday from injuries he sustained at the war front against some rebels.

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