Focus on valentine day and its significance to the promotion of love

This day 14th February is usually celebrated every year by people all over the world as Saint Valentine day, popularly ‘called a day of love’ when gift items and other things that signify closeness, care and concern for each other.

These actions are taken just for St Valentine, but the question that is always begging for answer is, who is really St Valentine and how did this practice of St Valentine day originated.

By certain accounts, St Valentine was a Roman priest regarded as the Patron of lovers, Valentine Day is an annual festival to celebrate romantic love, friendship and admiration.

On that day also, people send messages of love and affection to their partners, family and friends.

Couples exchange cards and spend special time together to honor their love for each other.

St Valentine was a catholic priest who lived in Rome in the third century. Different versions of the stories have been told over time about St Valentine and these stories have become legendry.

At that time many Romans were said to be converting to Christianity and the King then was Emperor Claudius II who was a pagan he made strict law on what Christians were allowed to do.

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Claudius believe that Roman soldiers should stick completely to state assignment and therefore passed a law preventing them from marrying and so they were expected to be celibate.

But when valentine began to wed these soldiers at secret Christian ceremonies, this was the beginning of his reputation for believing in the importance of love, eventually when Valentine was discovered he was jailed for his crime against Emperor Claudius.

The Emperor interrogated him in person, found him an interesting man and subsequently attempted to convert him to Roman paganism. Valentine refused and, in turn, attempted to convert Claudius to Christianity, an act that did not go over well.

Valentine was later sentenced to death, but before his execution, he cured his jailer’s daughter of blindness, inspiring the jailer and his household to convert to Christianity.

An additional legend states that Valentine wrote a letter to the jailer’s daughter, Julia, signing as “Your Valentine”. This was to mark the first ever “Valentine card”.

Pope Gelasius declared February 14th St. Valentine’s Day about 200 years after the death of Valentine.

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As a matter of fact, there are many Christian martyrs by the name of “Valentine”, and the February 14 celebration is said to celebrate not only the St. Valentine of Rome, but also the St. Valentine of Terni. Less is known about this Valentine except he was martyred under Emperor Aurelian. He is also buried in Rome, though at a different location along the same street, Via Flaminia. To this day, the Umbrian city of Terni celebrates the Feast of St. Valentine outside the Basilica di San Valentino.

As for the inclusion of romantic love in Valentine’s Day, everyone should thank the 14th-century English writer, Geoffrey Chaucer, a man regarded as the Father of English literature and the greatest English poet of the Middle Ages.

His “Parlement of Foules”, a romantic poem, is the first reference of Valentine’s Day as a special day for lovers. This came almost 10 centuries after the lives and exploits of both our aforementioned Valentines.

It’s clear now that Valentine’s Day is a holiday that has evolved over time. But whether you’re a believer in Chaucer’s poetry or you prefer to err on the side of the Christians who rebelled against their emperors, Valentine’s Day is nonetheless a holiday inspired by great passion.

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Unfortunately, today the original concept of love as evidence in the life of St Valentine has been roundly abused, misunderstood and miscarried.

To many people February 14th represents a day of immorality and carnal love, a day when people engage in obscenity in place of love.

Let this year’s valentine day be a period of sober reflections to people all over the world.

AmbrosyMediaInfo wishes all our esteemed readers a Happy Valentine’s Day

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