FIFA unhappy with Ronaldo for not attending its awards ceremony in Milan

For failing to attend the best awards held in Milan on Monday, FIFA has become very furious with Cristiano Ronaldo. This is according to Marca reports.

Recall that Ronaldo was among the three-man shortlist for the award, which also included Barcelona’s Messi and Virgil van Dijk, the Liverpool centre-back player.

Reports had earlier indicated that FIFA expected Ronaldo to be present at the awards. Infact, they were hopeful that he was to come to the event with his teammate Matthijs de Ligt.

Because of this snubbing act by Ronaldo, the world football governing body is now very disappointed with him. This is even more annoying to FIFA as he is now based in Turin, which is just about 150km to the event venue in Milan.

There are speculations that Ronaldo’s absence at the occasion was as a result of the fact that he had prior knowledge of Messi winning the award, although his camp is claiming the injury he had prevented him from attending.

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