Difficult situations in marriage: Part 2

In those my suffering days, in which I was starved and beaten, I continue to pray ceaselessly. Then after about five weeks of my staying in that hell of a place, a woman who earlier helped me stormed the house with some uniformed security men. Apparently, she had been looking for me since the day I was forcefully taken away. Several times she went to see my husband, he was very hostile to her and to an extent even threatened to deal with her if she continued to intrude in his family affairs. All the efforts by the woman to make him disclose where I was kept proved abortive. But somehow the woman discovered the house he built in an isolated place and decided to look for me there. According to the story the woman told me, she did not want to go there alone, so she had to report to the police who provided her with seven policemen to accompany her.         

When they stormed the house, they found me in a locked room. The policemen had to break down the door in order to free me, but by that time, I was very weak as I suffered pains all over my body. I was immediately rushed to hospital for treatment. I spent about three weeks in the hospital before I recovered and all through that period the woman kept visiting me. But to my greatest surprise, not once did my mother who was the one who initiated the idea of forcing me into marriage with an impotent man, visited me in the hospital to see my condition.         

In fact, one day, as I was still in the hospital, I asked the woman who had helped me so much whether she had been able to tell my mother about my where about and what I was passing through. The woman told me, she went to inform my mother on the day I was found and she was surprised that my mother had not come to see me at all. When I heard that I became very angry and wondered why a mother could behave to her daughter in such a way. But the woman pleaded with me not to harbor bitterness in my heart. She assured me that my mother would realize her mistake someday.

Later I was discharged from the hospital. When I left the hospital, I pleaded with her to take me to her house because I could not go to my mother again, because she had done a lot of damage to my life. Initially the woman was reluctant, pressuring me to go and reconcile with my mum. I told her that I would take some time to think about her suggestion. I later followed her to her house and started helping her in many things.  

During my stay with this woman, I decided one day to ask her why she had been so kind to me, especially for the fact that we were not related in any way. She informed me that she was once married and had a daughter about my age, but that her husband ran away to one of the foreign countries with her only daughter, without her knowledge. According to her, since then she had not heard from them and that there is no day that passed without her thinking about her only daughter. She went further to say that when she saw me and I told her I did not have any where to go, she could only think of her daughter and decided to help me, with the believe that her own daughter would also find help any time she was in need. I appreciated this woman very much.     

Immediately I started living with her, I noticed my husband trailing us up and down. He once met me when I was alone and threatened to deal with me mercilessly if I did not come back to him. That threat made me to become more afraid and confused.

I went back to my church pastor. I had already told him my problem and what I was facing at my home with my husband. He was happy when he saw me, because according to him, he had been wandering where I was and he had became more concerned when he could not hear from me any longer, especially after the revelation he got. In fact, he told me that he had been praying for me since the time I told him my problems and during one of such prayers, he got a revelation that my husband was impotent, because he had exchanged his ability to function as a man for riches. The statement made me to become shocked and a lot of things became clear to me, like his late night movements, which I sometimes attributed to the nature of his work, the room he permanently locked in the house and many other things. It was then I realized why be was so adamant that for no reason should anyone hear about his secret.

On getting home that day, I told the woman what the pastor told me. The woman advised me that the best thing for me to do was to leave to another city. In fact, I immediately took her advice, as that was the best thing for me to do at that time, as my life may be endangered if I continued to stay there.

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For now, I am trying to live a new life in this city I find myself. But I keep blaming my mother, because she was the one that put me in all these mess, as I keep regretting the day I was born to her and have really wished for a better mother.”

This story is a good example of the consequences of forcing someone into a relationship or marriage. The person being forced into such relationship should voice out his or her preference and take a stand, because as in the case of the above story, the person who forced you into it would not suffer it for you when the problems start to come, you are the only one who would suffer it, therefore you must have to be careful and reject any move to force you into any kind of relationship. You must take decision on what you want and not what some other persons want for you.

Take your time to select the kind of partner you want, study him or her very well before deciding if the person would be the best for you in marriage. In this way, you can have a peaceful and enjoyable relationship.

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