Despite earlier expectations no life found in rubble after Beirut explosion

After searching a particular building suspected to have at least a living person under the rubble following a huge explosion in Beirut last month, Rescuers have finally confirmed there are no signs of life found.

The search started on Thursday as a result of the action of a sniffer dog who detected something in the rubble in Gemmayze area of the Lebanese capital.

At that time audio detection equipment detected a pulse of 18 to 19 beats per minute, which gave the hope there might be life.

But unfortunately, by Friday morning, it was reported the signal had decreased to seven.

Those involved in the rescue efforts suggested that someone could be alive or in a coma – or it could just be an object emitting a signal.

However, for a third day on Saturday about 50 rescue workers and volunteers, including a specialist team from Chile, continued to dig through the rubble.

Their intention was to carry on despite a small chance of finding a survivor, and they narrowed their search.

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As rescue teams removed debris, digging with their hands and shovels, in order to be careful to protect any survivors, thermal imaging and scanning equipment were also being used.

“Always in search operations like this, you can neither lose hope nor absolutely say there is hope,” said George Abou Moussa, director of operations in Lebanon’s civil defence.

Recall that the huge blast on 4 August killed about 190 people injured, 6,000 more and devastated whole neighborhoods.

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