Buhari’s Aide reveals how protesters rained courses

Femi Adesinaa, the special Adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on Media and Publicity,  has revealed that he has been receiving curses from Nigerians through phone calls and text messages over a false report that he advised his principal to shun protesters.

Some how, under pressure, Adesina stated in an article he wrote titled: “An Enemy of the People’ published on Thursday evening.

The special Adviser denied that he advised President Buhari for whatever reasons on the End SARS protesters, but said an online platform falsely accused him that he told Buhari to “ignore the protests and not give in to the demands of ‘Twitter warriors’.

According to him, his telephone numbers were posted on social media, thereby, making people to reach out to him with curses.

Adesina made it clear that a long time interview he granted Channels Television regarding the “Revolution Now”, was twisted to make it look like a fresh interview against End SARS protest, a situation that made more attacks on him ferocious.

He disclosed that relief came his way when Channels Television gave a clarification.

In his article: “Those who wanted to, believe the television station. A large number chose not to, and bombarded my phone lines with curses, expletives, and messages from the pit of hell. Well, if anybody chooses to belong to that nether region, it’s a matter of choice.

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“Talking about the bombardment of my phone lines, it had begun on Sunday. A hateful mind had published my two numbers on Twitter, urging people to troll me. They called till the phone batteries went dead. Mum was the word from me.”

He insisted that he didn’t advise Buhari to ignore End SARS protesters, which he believes is their right to protest

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