British Airways plane on the way to Abuja Nigeria loses one engine

In what many people have described as a lucky escape from crashing, British Airways flight on its way to Abuja from London on Tuesday turned back to Heathrow Airport, which is located in London, the British capital after the plane lost one of its engines mid-air.

In its reaction, the airline management confirmed that flight BA 083 flew back to Heathrow and was met by the emergency services as a precautionary measure after what it called “a minor technical issue.”

In a statement, the airline said, “For your information, the aircraft experienced a minor technical issue and our pilots elected to return to Heathrow. In terms of the emergency services meeting the aircraft, this is standard practice.

 “Our aircraft returned to Heathrow and was met by the emergency services as a precaution after experiencing a minor technical issue. Our teams looked after our customers last night, providing them with overnight accommodation. We’re sorry to our customers for the delay to their travel plans. (sic)”

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