Bill Gates expresses surprise at low number of COVID-19 cases, deaths in Africa

The co-founder of Microsoft and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), Bill Gates, has said that he does not understand why coronavirus numbers have not been as high as predicted in Africa.

It could be recalled that Gates and his wife, Melinda had at a time warned that there will be dead bodies all over the streets of Africa if the world does not act fast enough.

Melinda said her heart was in Africa, adding that she is worried that the continent might not be able to handle the devastating effect of the virus. But in his end of the year note, Bill said he was happy his prediction about Africa has not happened, “One thing I’m happy to have been wrong about—at least, I hope I was wrong—is my fear that COVID-19 would run rampant in low-income countries. So far, this hasn’t been true,” he wrote.

In most of sub-Saharan Africa, for example, case rates and death rates remain much lower than in the U.S. or Europe and on par with New Zealand, which has received so much attention for its handling of the virus.

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“The hardest-hit country on the continent is South Africa—but even there, the case rate is 40 percent lower than in the U.S., and the death rate is nearly 50 percent lower.

“We don’t have enough data yet to understand why the numbers aren’t as high as I worried they would get but gave probable reasons Africa was not as affected as expected.”

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