Aftermath of prison attack in Imo, fear grips Owerri residents

There is tension all over Owerri at the moment after the News of the attack and prison break in the early hours of Monday got to the residents. 

At the moment, the City is calm especially as this is a festive period, when many people travel out of town to observe the Easter celebrations in their villages and some other places.

Very many of the residents who are still around, find it difficult to believe that such an attack could easily happen close to the seat of power, that is Government House and the State Police headquarters.

When AmbrosyMediaInfo asked a woman who wanted to remain anonymous, about her feelings on what happened, she said, “I am so surprised at the way the whole thing happened, that means we ordinary people are no longer safe.

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“For instance, how can you tell me that these guys can just come to a place close to the Government House and police headquarters to carry out a successful attack, in which many cars and properties were burnt.

“The worst of it is that people in prison were also released by these same gunmen.

“I don’t really understand, even if the attackers are super human beings, how could they have succeeded in such a dreadful environment.

“I very much feel that something is really wrong somewhere”.

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Since the incident happened, many people have been worried about the considerable number of prison inmates that were released from the facility and the dangers such would impose on the society at large.

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