A US based pastor doubtful of masks contracts Covid-19, now in ICU

A popular cleric in the United States, Paul Van Noy, the senior pastor at Candlelight Church in Coeur d’Alene, who described himself as a “no-masker” during a service and has usually questioned the authenticity of coronavirus case reporting is currently in the ICU after contracting Covid-19.

Van Noy, who is based in Idaho, has already spent two weeks in the hospital with a Covid-19 diagnosis, ministry coordinator Eric Reade confirmed to CNN.

Reade also disclosed that five other church staff had been infected with coronavirus, too, but they’ve all recovered.

In a statement by Van Noy, which was shared through his Candlelight Church, he said he’ll soon move out of the ICU into another room in the hospital and then recover at home.

According to him, “At present I feel OK but still need quite a bit of oxygen support — especially if and when I try to get up out of the bed”.

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Unfortunately for him too, his wife also contracted Covid-19 but wasn’t hospitalized, according to the church.

The couple is among the over 3,050 cases in the Northwest Idaho area, local heath data indicates.

In March the Candlelight Church shut its doors temporarily but reopened for in-person services in early May. Van Noy’s church doesn’t require parishioners to wear masks, though they’re welcome to, Reade said..

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